Dear viewers, #Awlad_Hussain YouTube channel delivered a video which is tourist place #Sada_Pathor’. The meaning of Sada pathor is a Bangla word meaning white stone. The whole area is covered with white stones, which is why the area itself is now called Sada Pathor. Nowadays it is a very popular tourist destination in Sylhet. It is located at Bholaganj in Companiganj upazila of Sylhet, on the northern border of Bangladesh.

Bholaganj is situated in Sylhet Division, Bangladesh. Original name (with diacritics) of the place is Bholāganj. It is 33 km away to the north from Sylhet city. Bholaganj is the largest stone quarry in Bangladesh and filled with hills, rivers, waterfalls and quarries. Companiganj Upazila is bounded by

This place is situated in the border area of Bangladesh and India. Basically this is downstream part of Cherrapunjiee of India and distance is around 45 KM from Sylhet. Only ropeway, owned by Bangladesh Railway, is here. But ropeway is abandoned now due to stone gravers take away almost all stone from here. Now stones are available in the international border area only.

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